Kudos to Gary Vanerchuck, author of “The Thank You Economy”  In his book he dispels social media criticisms:
“If you are tempted to dismiss the potential value of social media, make sure you’re not
buying into the typical justifi cations that short-sighted nonadopters proffer. Disregard
these 11 criticisms:
1. “There’s no ROI” – Even if you can’t prove it with numbers, you know in your gut
that gaining the trust of a customer is basic to making the sale.
2. “The metrics aren’t reliable” – Advances in gathering and interpreting data about
social media initiatives already have and will continue to become more accurate.
3. “Social media is still too young” – Early adopters have the clear proven advantage.
Don’t wait and see. Do it now. Playing catch-up is not fun.
4. “Social media is just another trend that will pass” – If Twitter and Facebook lose
popularity, users will move to the next new platform. Savvy fi rms will move with them.
5. “We need to control our message” – Smart companies aren’t afraid that angry
customers might post unfl attering comments on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or their
blogs. If you are apprehensive, it’s time to examine your business practices.
6. “I don’t have time to keep track of what every Joe or Jane is doing” – Disregarding
the importance of customer comments is business suicide.
7. “We’re doing fi ne without it” – If that’s your attitude, you clearly don’t care about
your customers. Competitive fi rms are proactive and are “always on the offensive.”
8. “We tried it; it doesn’t work” – Using social media is a long-term commitment. If it
hasn’t worked yet, reconsider your corporate culture and how you value your customer.
9. “The legal issues are too thorny” – Company leaders must direct the legal department
to serve company goals, including the fi rm’s new embrace of social media.
10. “It takes too long to pay off” – The benefi ts of social media far surpass those of
traditional marketing at a tiny fraction of the cost.
11. “Social media only works for start-up, lifestyle or tech brands” – This is untrue.”

The most important take-away is understand your values share them in a honest, authentic real way on and off social media platforms, your customers will reward you for it.