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Tool Kit Management $275 Mo. Upload & segment contacts Brand mobile ready template Build list functions One campaign per mo One status report  per mo

CLICK to Get Started Today! Tool Kit Support $200 Mo.
Upload & segment contacts.
Brand mobile ready template.
One-hour meeting per mo. Build list functions.
A campaign & status per mo.



Doreen, owner of Nicastro Consultants, is certified in social media strategy, master certified in Constant Contact Solutions and a HootSuite Enterprise partner.  She collaborates with trusted-global partners to provide creative and innovative strategies including monthly social engagement and marketing management packages.  She empowers small businesses, nonprofits and professionals to find their audience and amplify their voice using social.  



Doreen's expertise, certifications and strategy has earned her back-to-back awards awards.




She collaborates with clients to:

  1.  tie a business goal to a social objective and measure its effectiveness-i.e. Increase brand awareness. Raise the number of likes on a business Facebook page by 10% over the next 6-12 months.

  2. create an authentic, professional networking profile and Internet footprint. Define  your message, audience and social space.

  3. determine industry audience, message and success measures. Locate influencers, competitors, customers and potential followers. Listen, learn, engage and empower.

  4. target message and amplify across industry and social platforms. Segment audience message and platforms; measure success.

  5. measure against the business goal revise and refine.







A social media agency and Constant Contact solutions provider, our mission is to empower clients to use social engagement tools to expand and amplify their voice, vision and brand(s) over the Internet effectively and responsibly.
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