Doreen is a passionate digital native who believes in a values-based approach to social media, social business, networking and engagement. She is certified in social media strategy and a Constant Contact Solution provider. Doreen works with large and small businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals to formulate a social objective develop a digital brand, professional networking profile and Internet footprint. Her clients love to collaborate with Doreen as she guides them to where they need to be on the social web.   Her unique set of skills, perspective and years of experience in technology project management, training and facilitation earned her the Constant Contact’s 2013 Solutions Provider All Star Award.

93x85_SP Where on the Web is your business?

IMG_20131120_182905_924 (1)Listen to an interview with Doreen on Networlding Blog Talk Radio  to learn about social media practical tips and best practices for positive networking experiences.

Social Expert Blog Talk Radio Doreen discusses her research on social media trends and the need for parents, teachers and law enforcement to collaborate on cyber-safety practices.

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Read a review  and comment on-”Have You Googled Your Child’s Name?” a social media and cyber-safety primer for families, schools and law enforcement.

Meet people where they are; guide them to where they want to be on the social web. Develop a power social objective and a metric driven strategy.